How To Bet On Washington

How To Bet On WashingtonThe Huskies are one of the most popular college football teams in the United States, and they’ve been ranked inside the AP Top 25 nearly every season for the last 40 years. The school’s even colloquially called Quarterback U due to the fact that it graduates a QB to the NFL just about every spring. With all of these factors, you can bet Washington fans are interested in betting on such a powerful team. If you want to know how you can bet on Washington to rake in on the easy winnings, then you have come to the right place. Here we will teach you about some of the most popular wagers you can make on the Huskies and how to read odds as well. If you continue to read on, you will be ready and able to bet on Washington without too much trouble.

Best Sites For Wagering On Washington

It’s easy to find online sportsbooks for sportbetting in Washington – just do a Google search. It’s a lot harder to find reliable, well-established, trustworthy online sportsbooks. Or at least, it could have been if you hadn’t found us. But you did and we’ve got to tell you that Bovada and SportsBetting are among the very best sites for wagering on Washington. They’ve been offering odds to an international audience for years, and they continue to push the boundaries of what online gambling is capable of. We use these websites ourselves and we can guarantee that you will not find a better sports betting experience anywhere else. Check out our reviews below to find out why you should use these sportsbooks. – Trusted Industry Leader

Bovada SportsbookWith a pedigree that goes back to the founding of online sports betting itself, Bovada’s been offering a comprehensive sportsbook to US customers for a long time. The service doesn’t offer crazy spreads or goofy props, opting to make its mark by simply being that stalwart, steady rock for the industry. When you sign up at Bovada, you’ll be getting a great menu system, fair odds, and timely payouts. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, but Bovada odds on Washington football promise to make some of the most solid bets out there. Bovada is the industry leader for sports betting, so you cannot go wrong by checking out their website.

Signing up at Bovada is free, and there is no subscription fee or commitment. Just put some money in your account via credit/debit card, Bitcoin, personal check, money order, wire transfer, etc. and select the huskiest bets you can find. New members can even choose from a menu of perks, like a 50% sports welcome bonus for up to $250 on your very first deposit. You also get bonuses for using bitcoin as well. All you have to do is enter the promo code BVSBITCOIN50 to get a 50% match bonus up to $500.

SportsBetting – Plenty Of Bonuses Available

SportsBetting SportsbookBovada’s not the only game in town. For many gamblers, SportsBetting is how to bet on Washington football. The site distinguishes itself from Bovada by offering different spreads, lines, and prop bets. Often, the SportsBetting odds on Washington will be more attractive than those at other sites too since these companies are competing with one another for your business. None of the sportsbooks we will recommend will ever give you bad odds, but it is definitely nice to have the ability to shop around for the best odds. To that end, SportsBetting has perhaps the biggest menu of available deposit and withdrawal options of any sportsbook on the Internet.

SportsBetting also has more new member perks than Bovada, including a 100% Bitcoin bonus using the promo code 100CRYPTO, and a 50% welcome bonus with the promo code SB1000. There are plenty of other promotions available on this website as well, so check out SportsBetting to find all the promos and odds that you could possibly want.

Best Washington Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
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BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
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Types Of Wagers You Can Place On Washington

There are three main sports betting pillars and the most common types of wagers you can place on Washington reflect these. First, there’s the point spread, which is probably the most familiar betting concept to most football fans. Then there’s the moneyline, or straight up bet. Finally, there’s over/under betting, which is also called “totals” betting. We will go over what each of these wagers means so you know how to get into the action.

Washington Spread

The point spread is what most newspapers, websites, and sports broadcasts use whenever they refer to favorites and underdogs in a given football matchup. Because betting on a team to just win or lose is often too easy (especially in the PAC-12, where the Huskies play), sportsbooks developed the spread as a “handicapping” system. It’s basically a head start for weaker teams, and it looks like this:

  • Oregon +6.5 (-110) at Washington -6.5 (-110)

Since the sportsbook’s goal is to have an equal amount of money wagered on both sides of a given bet, the spread gives extra points to an underdog and takes them from the favorite. In the above example, Washington would have to win by seven or more points to actually win the bet. Similarly, if Oregon loses by less than seven points, they win the bet. Of course, if Oregon wins, they also cover the spread. This kind of wagers put more pressure on bettors because Washington needs to perform strongly so you can have a payout. If they win, but by less than seven points, then you will lose the bet. The number inside the parentheses reflects the moneyline (or amount wagered to win $100), which is also used to define odds in the following straight up style of sports betting. The details of that are in the next section.

Betting Washington Straight Up

With straight up (or straight moneyline) betting, there is no advantage given to the underdog. This is simply betting on who is going to win the game. This is what most people think of when they hear about betting on Washington. Instead, sportsbooks encourage action on both sides of the bet by altering the payout depending on the team you’ve picked. The underdog will always be represented with a positive number, while the favorite will show a negative number. This is called the moneyline:

  • Oregon (+145) at Washington (-125)

Here, a $100 bet on Oregon would yield a $145 payout if they win. On the other side, bettors must wager $125 on Washington to win $100. As you might have already guessed, but this is because Washington is the favorite to win the game while Oregon is the underdogs. To be clear, you don’t have to bet $100 or more when betting Washington straight up; the $100 base is simply used to illustrate the sportsbook’s bet-to-winnings ratio.

Washington Over/Under Points

The final standard bet type is the over/under. This one’s simple. All you do is bet on whether or not a game’s two teams will end up with a combined score higher or lower than that posted by the sportsbook.

  • Oregon at Washington – 71.5 O/U (-110)

Let’s say the final score is 42-34. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses here, only that a combined 76 points were scored. Since 76 is larger than 71.5, anyone who bet the “over” would win. The -110 moneyline is standard for over/under bets, and this simply means that a winning bet pays $100 on a $110 wager. The payouts are usually lower for over/under wagers because it is essentially a 50/50 pick either way. But, it does add an extra element to sports wagering so it is exciting for new and veteran bettors alike.

Mobile Washington Betting/Using Your Mobile To Bet On Washington

How To Bet On WashingtonUnfortunately, Apple and Google don’t allow legal online sports betting apps on their respective smartphone and tablet marketplaces. While this could change in the future, for now, all your mobile Washington betting has to go through your device’s internet browser. At the very least, that means you aren’t using up storage to bet on sports.

Luckily, using your mobile to bet on Washington doesn’t have to be a half-baked experience, because the best sportsbooks have all designed mobile-optimized web portals. Just visit Bovada, SportsBetting, or any other top-tier sportsbook using your smartphone or tablet, and then save the page to your home screen. This turns the site into a “web app,” and you can then launch it just like a proper app. You will get the same exact sports betting experience you normally would if you were on a desktop or laptop. Mobile betting is very convenient and easy to do and it makes sure that you never forget to place your bets when you are away from your computer.

Live In-game Betting On Washington

Live betting, also called in-game betting, is a somewhat new phenomenon where internet-based bettors can use modern networks to place bets during sporting events in real-time. Although land-based sportsbooks around the country also provide live betting, they don’t hold a candle to what our recommended online offshore sportsbooks can do. Online sportsbooks are able to offer this service because the technology is finally streamlined and accessible enough that live bets won’t get hung up or otherwise interrupted, ruining the experience.

Because live in-game betting on Washington can see massively shifting lines over short stretches of time (sometimes half a minute or less), you’ve got to watch whatever contest you’re betting on and you can’t afford to get distracted. Because this is true, this makes live betting the most exciting way you can bet on Washington. Sports fans love the adrenaline rush of watching a game, making a call, and winning money because of that call. Live betting Huskies games should make you a West Coast Offense expert in short order, but all it takes is one stumble to get sacked.

Other Ways To Bet On Washington

If you want more action than spreads, moneylines, over/unders, and props can afford, you’ll be glad to know that, every now and then, various sportsbooks will offer other ways to bet on Washington. These include alternate lines, parlays, teasers, pleasers, round-robins, halftime bets, “if” bets, and more. You may have to shop around at multiple sportsbooks to get your fix if this is the main kind of betting you’re after, but there’s plenty of action out there for those willing to put up the cash.

FAQ's About Betting On Washington

Is Betting On College Football Online Legal?

How To Bet On WashingtonWhile you are in Washington, the real answer to that question is no. There are state laws in the books that criminalize online betting in the state. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot go online and place your bets. The truth of the matter is, you are very unlikely to get caught doing so. So long as you keep your sports betting private and out of open networks, then you should be fine. No one in Washington has ever been arrested for sports betting because law enforcement simply has more important issues to tackle.

What's The Safest Way To Deposit Into A Washington Sportsbook?

The quickest, easiest, and safest way to deposit into a Washington sportsbook is probably going to be Visa or Mastercard for most users. Credit and debit systems are fast and reasonably secure, which makes them a lot more convenient than slower, more expensive options like money orders and wire transfers.

However, the absolute most secure method to both deposit and withdraw funds from your Bovada or SportsBetting accounts will be using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. Not everyone is comfortable with cryptocurrency in general because cryptocurrencies fluctuate in value so often, but for those willing to give the digital money a try, nothing comes close for encryption and anonymity. This is especially valuable considering how strict Washington is when it comes to online betting. You are not likely to get caught online sports betting, but using cryptocurrencies is great for keeping your skills on the down-low.

Can I Signup At More Than One Online Sports Betting Site?

Not only can you, you probably should have more than sports betting accounts. In fact, most professional and casual gamblers recommend that you sign up at more than one online sports betting site. If you don’t, you won’t always get the best spreads, moneylines, and over/under bets out there. Plus, different sites always have different reward programs and bonuses going on, so you might want to take advantage of that as well.

It’s perfectly fine to sign up to as many online sportsbooks as you want. If you want to make the most bang on your buck, that is exactly how to bet on Washington football. Just make sure you limit yourself to one account per site. Otherwise, you’ll be violating the standard terms of service, and you risk having your funds confiscated, your account closed, and your IP banned. Then you would be completely out of luck for sports betting in Washington.

Do Online Sportsbooks Offer Odds On Every Washington Game?

Mostly, yes. All the big online sportsbooks offer odds on every Washington game, with the rare exceptions of when the school is on one end of an almost criminally negligent scheduling mismatch. This usually happens when, for whatever reason, a powerhouse team gets paired up with a Division II school and Bovada, SportsBetting, et al. don’t want to post up some pointless +72 spread or -10,000 moneyline that nobody would take anyways. Barring that, though, you can expect to see the Washington Huskies just about every time you visit your sportsbook of choice.

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