How To Bet On Washington State

How To Bet On WashingtonWashington State’s football program dates back to 1894 and in that time, the Cougars have seen plenty of ups and downs. Despite going through a bit of a rough patch stretching from the early 2000s until the start of the 2010s, the Cougars have bounced back with winning seasons and even the team’s first victory in a bowl game which is a large improvement from how they used to perform. Washington State enjoys the support of devoted fanbase who looks forward to the year-ending game against the Cougars’ arch-rivals and conference foes, the Washington Huskies. With this kind of year-over-year enthusiasm from fans, it’s no wonder that many of them have questions about betting on Washington State.

As the Cougars have been on the up and up, fans are wondering how they can get in on the action. Thanks to the internet, it is now easier than ever to bet on Washington State. However, those new to the hobby of sports betting often have a ton of questions on everything from the legality of betting on sports to the different kinds of bets available. Most of all though, prospective punters want to know where and how to bet on Washington State. Fortunately, we have got answers to those questions and more, and we’ve compiled what we think is the most helpful advice in this comprehensive guide to betting on Washington State. This page is going to guide you on what kinds of wagers you can place on Washington State, where to place those bets, and answer some lingering questions that you may have. You will be ready to bet on the Cougars by the end of the page.

Best Sites For Wagering On Washington State

There is simply no room for question on the subject of which are the best sites for wagering on Washington State. Bovada, based in Latvia, SportsBetting, and BetOnline, based on the tiny Caribbean island nation of Antigua are without a doubt THE places to do your betting on Washington State. That’s because they back up even the most outrageous claims with the best and the most comprehensive odds on college football this season, but that’s not all.

Our top recommended sites in this ultra-competitive sports betting segment have industry-leading security systems in place so users can be assured that their personal and financial information is safe. Meanwhile, our picks among the leading offshore online sportsbooks also have developed a rock-solid reputation for paying out as fast as possible given US gambling laws’ requirements and prohibitions, and they also have highly rated customer service departments to help their account holders however they may need it. Our top sportsbooks are ready and willing to go the extra mile (or kilometer as the case might be!) for you.

In the next few sections, we’ll go into a little greater detail about two of our most highly recommended sites, Bovada and SportsBetting, which in many ways can be considered the elite-of-the-elite in terms of all legal sports betting sites.

Bovada Odds On Washington State

Bovada SportsbookBovada, as the leader in the already fiercely competitive online sportsbook landscape, will, of course, carry plenty of odds for all the most high-profile college football teams. Naturally, that means they’ll have everything you could ask for when it comes to betting on Washington State, from moneylines on just about every game this season as well as plenty of prop bets and futures for your enjoyment. Bovada has also got the slickest presentation of any sports betting site on the market – the developers have spent as much on aesthetics as they have on functionality, lending the site a feeling of legitimacy, reliability, and professionalism you don’t often find in online sportsbooks.

Bovada also leads the pack when it comes to comps and promotional bonus offers too, especially for new players. If you go to their website and sign up, you can get a 50% bonus up to $250 on your very first deposit. Furthermore, Bovada has fully embraced all the latest industry trends when it comes to technological solutions, ranging from live in-game betting to mobile wagering apps to accepting Bitcoin for payments and withdrawals, cutting down on players’ wait time as much as possible.

SportsBetting Odds On Washington St.

SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting is a longstanding legal offshore sportsbook, and it owes its long-lasting success to several key factors. First, the site is absolutely chock-full of bets across many, many sports from college football to boxing to soccer – everything that sports fans worldwide love to bet on. Of course, they are keeping tabs on US Power Five conference teams like the Cougars, so they’ll have plenty of lines available for betting on Washington State all season long. Second, SportBetting has a decidedly no-nonsense approach to providing its users with a clean website layout that encourages hardcore sports betting enthusiasts to dig deep into everything it has to offer. It may not be the flashiest around, but it is the most comprehensive and intuitive for seasoned users.

SportsBetting isn’t to be outdone in the realm of bonuses and complimentary offers either, boasting some of the best in the industry for new signups and returning players alike. SportsBetting offers you a 25% bonus for life when you use their sportsbook. All you have to is enter the promo code FORLIFE when you deposit at least $50 to your account. The largest amount you can do this with is $1000. SportsBetting has all the usual features of a modern legal sports betting site as well, including live in-game betting, mobile betting, push alerts for when your favorite team – in this case, the Cougars – has a new moneyline available or a big game coming up, and so on. All serious sports bettors should.

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Types Of Wagers You Can Place On Washington State

After you’ve decided you’re going to be betting on Washington State, the next thing to consider is what kind of bet you want to place. This is often one of the areas where newer bettors get overwhelmed, due to the somewhat difficult-to-understand concepts associated with reading odds on different kinds of betting lines available at the leading offshore sports betting websites we recommend. Not only that, there are a lot of different kinds of wagers you can make. In the following sections we’ll give you a quick, but a thorough, breakdown of each of the primary betting types offered at Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline and 4Dimes. We are going to go over the most popular kinds of bets offered by these online offshore sportsbooks. We will provide examples on each of these kinds of bets so you know exactly what you can expect when you go online to place a wager.

Betting On Washington State Straight Up

Betting on Washington State straight up is undoubtedly what immediately comes to mind when most people think of betting in the context of college football games. That’s because betting straight up, also known as “moneyline” betting, is the foundational basis of all other betting types. This is essentially, just picking which team is going to win the game. But there is more to this kind of wager than you would think. You will need to know how to read the odds and what you can expect from the bets. In the simplest terms, the oddsmaker will designate one team in the matchup as more likely to win and one more likely to lose the contest which will give you an idea on what team is the favorite and which one is the underdog. This means that the oddsmaker writes odds reflective of the two team’s perceived likelihood of victory or defeat.

Having designated a favorite and an underdog, the odds assigned to each is based on the premise of $100 increments risked and gained. This is visually represented by the favorite having odds beginning with a minus sign (-) in front of their numerical odds and the underdog, accordingly, will have a plus sign (+) preceding its odds. An example of this in practice would be a hypothetical matchup between Washington State and Boise State in which the Cougars were favored to win with -115 odds, while the Broncos were the +145 underdogs.

In this case, if Washington State were to win the game, bets placed the Cougars will return winnings of $100 for every $115 risked, but if the Broncos were to win the game, then the payout would be $145 for every $100 wagered. As you can see, betting on the underdog will earn you more money because the risk taken is higher. Something you should be aware of is you don’t have to strictly wager $100 on the game, it is just the easiest example to show how the odds reflect not only who will win or lose the game, but how much you can earn for a win.

Washington State Spread

Betting the spread the most popular way bettors like to bet on Washington State. The spread can most easily be understood as betting on the outcome of a game when the favorite gives up a handicap to the underdog. If the favorite wins by a final score higher than the handicap, then the favorite is said to have “covered the spread.” Conversely, if the underdog loses the game but loses by a final score less than the handicap then the underdog is said to have “covered the spread” and bettors for the underdog will win instead of the actual winners of the game.

For example, if Washington State is favored over Boise State, then the Cougars might be given a spread of 7 points to cover. If a bettor chooses Washington State to win, and the Cougars defeat the Broncos by a final score of 35-14 then they win and so does the person who bet on them, with the amount to be paid out determined by the spread’s individual moneyline. If the Broncos lose by a score of 35-28 then a bet on them is considered a winning bet. This adds an extra element for bettors to consider. If you believe that the game is going to be very close, either way, it might be to your benefit to betting on the underdog rather than the apparent winner.

Washington State Over/Under Points

The over/under, also known as betting on the total, is different from the other previously mentioned betting types. That is because for you to win your over/under bet, it does not matter who wins or loses the game. Instead, bettors place wagers on whether or not the combined total score of both teams is greater than (over) or less than (under) the total called for by the bookies. Betting on Washington State via the over/under also differs from other types of bets we’ve previously discussed in that it has a third possible outcome other than winning or losing: the so-called “push,” in which bettors’ money is returned to them when the total score is exactly what the bookies called for in the betting line.

An example of this type of betting in action would be if the combined final score in the hypothetical matchup between Washington State and Boise State was predicted to be 42. If the final score ended up being 52-12, then a bet placed on “over” would be the winner, but if the final score was 28-14, then the result is a push. If the final score was something low like 14-7, then a bet on “under” is considering a winning bet. As with other betting types, the winnings (or the amount lost) depends on a separate moneyline.

Washington State Player Prop Bets

Another of the most popular ways of betting on Washington State is betting on the performances of individual players. Wagers of this type, which do not take into account the outcome of a game, but rather focus on the statistical showing of players, are called player prop bets. This heavily rewards fans who know Cougars inside and out. If you know all about one of the senior players or you have confidence in one of the freshmen, then these player prop bets are up your alley. Player prop bets could include anything from the total number of completed passes or even the total number of interceptions thrown by the Cougars’ quarterback to the number of sacks made by a particular defensive player. These bets are for the hardcore fans and they will net you a pretty penny. Definitely check out the player prop bets if you have been paying attention to player stats throughout the seasons and years.

Washington State Team Prop Bets

Washington State team prop bets are very similar to player prop bets, except they involve performances of the team as a whole or portions of the team rather than focusing strictly on what individual players do in a given game. Some of the common types of team prop bets include picking which team will score first, the number of touchdowns or the number of safeties. These are a bit easier to deal with than player props because you aren’t solely focused on a few players. Plus, it’s less risky. Player props could be completely ruined because a player got injured. As in all other types of wagering, the winnings on prop bets are determined by the moneyline associated with that particular bet.

Mobile Washington State Betting

How To Bet On WashingtonMobile phone technology has taken the world by storm. It’s really nothing to look around and notice that 9 of 10 people around you in a crowd are sucked into their smartphone or tablet. The online sportsbooks we recommend for betting on Washington State have well and truly taken note of this phenomenon, and have endeavored to create the most seamless transition from the desktop version of their sites into a mobile-friendly version. Mobile Washington State betting enables you to take wagering on your favorite team – the Cougars – with you anywhere, and thanks to widely accessible high-speed wireless internet you can reliably place a bet no matter where you are.

The one crucial thing to consider when trying out your legal online sportsbook’s mobile betting feature is that you will need to download the app directly from the website, whether that’s Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting or MyBookie. Google’s app store and Apple’s iStore don’t allow gambling apps to be sold in their respective marketplaces, but this isn’t really a detriment to you, the user, because downloading your mobile betting app directly from the developers enables those same developers to have greater control of the final product than if they had to work within the parameters of the Android or iOS system.

Live In-game Betting On Washington State

Another technological innovation of the legal sports betting world to come along in recent years is live, or in-game betting. Simply put, in-game betting on Washington State is the fastest-paced kind of legal sports betting you can participate in, with odds that change according to the on-field action as it happens, all in real time. This form of betting is really taking off due to the prevalence of smartphones, widely available high-speed internet and the betting public’s personal preference for more interaction.

Live in-game betting is a feature of all our recommended legal offshore betting sites, and you can use this option for free, so there’s really no downside to giving it a try. One thing to consider, however, is that you will definitely want to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the nuances of the sport – in this case, college football – that you’re betting on, because in live betting the odds change frequently, so one minute you may have something good locked in but in a few minutes there may be even better odds available on the same player prop or even the points spread. Paying attention to what’s going on in the game is key in this method of betting if you want to maximize your earnings.

Where To Bet On Washington State

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that there are no land-based locations for you to head to so you can bet on the Cougars. Lawmakers are currently working on legislation that will allow sportsbooks to be opened, but we are unsure if the bills will end up passing. We are hopeful, but Washington laws are very strict about online sports betting, so it is kind of a longshot. If you aren’t excited about the chances of land-based sports betting and you are not up to traveling to a state that has sportsbooks, you should definitely check out our recommended online offshore sportsbooks. We will go over them in detail and explain why they offer the best sports betting experience in Washington.

Other Ways To Bet On Washington State

We’ve already spent a good deal of time talking about all the different ways you can go about betting on Washington State, but we might as well mention futures betting one more time and go over it in a little more detail. Futures betting, or predicting the outcome of a far-off event – say the Pac-12 conference championship or even the national college football championship – is practically speaking the exact opposite of live betting on Washington State. That’s because, unlike the aforementioned betting types (even single-game betting like moneyline betting, over/under or points spread betting), futures betting requires you to consider the long-term implications of a team’s trajectory deep into the post-season. Predicting winners at this stage can be challenging to guess right, but the payouts can be huge.

FAQ's About Betting On Washington

Is Betting On College Football Online Legal?

How To Bet On WashingtonBetting on college football online is legal, yes. While several federal laws like the Wire Act (1961), the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992), and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (2006) give the impression that betting on sports is illegal in America, it’s not. It is merely illegal to accept a sports bet on the Internet in America. Sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, and others are all foreign companies doing business overseas. As such, the US has no jurisdiction over their affairs, and they can freely take the bets that you can freely make. On top of that, PASPA was overturned in mid-2018, so it no longer holds the power that it used to hold. States are now free to legalize sports betting if they wish to do so.

What's The Safest Way To Deposit Into A Washington Sportsbook?

The quickest, easiest, and safest way to deposit into a Washington sportsbook is probably going to be Visa or Mastercard for most users. Credit and debit systems are fast and reasonably secure, which makes them a lot more convenient than slower, more expensive options like money orders and wire transfers.

However, the absolute most secure method to both deposit and withdraw funds from your Bovada or SportsBetting accounts will be via Bitcoin. Not everyone is comfortable with cryptocurrency in general (or Bitcoin’s volatility in particular), but for those willing to give the digital money a try, nothing comes close for encryption and anonymity. Just because online sports betting is legal doesn’t mean everyone wants to broadcast their hobby to the whole world. Bitcoin is great for keeping your skills on the down-low.

Can I Signup At More Than One Online Sports Betting Site?

Of course. In fact, most professional gamblers recommend that you sign up at more than one online sports betting site. If you don’t, you won’t always get the best spreads, moneylines, and over/under bets out there. Plus, different sites always have different reward programs and bonuses going on, so you might want to take advantage of that as well.

It’s perfectly fine to sign up to as many online sportsbooks as you want. If you’re smart, that is exactly how to bet on Washington football. Just make sure you limit yourself to one account per site. Otherwise, you’ll be violating the standard terms of service, and you risk having your funds confiscated, your account closed, and your IP banned. Nobody wants that.

Do Online Sportsbooks Offer Odds On Every Washington Game?

Mostly, yes. All the big sites for sportsbetting in Washington offer odds on every Washington Stae game, with the rare exceptions of when the school is on one end of an almost criminally negligent scheduling mismatch. This usually happens when, for whatever reason, a powerhouse team gets paired up with a Division II school and Bovada, SportsBetting, et al. don’t want to post up some pointless +72 spread or -10,000 moneyline that nobody would take anyways. Barring that, though, you can expect to see the Washington Huskies just about every time you visit your sportsbook of choice.

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