Sports Betting For Washington Residents

Very few states are as vehemently against online gambling as Washington, which has made it not only foolish to wager on sports, but also quite dangerous. If you live in the state of Washington you can face incredibly strict, perhaps unnecessary consequences.

We have been looking into the laws to see if there is a loophole that would allow you to gamble, but we have had no such luck. But while the online betting laws in Washington might be strict, we're going to explain why you will not run into any trouble or legal issues just for placing a few bets online. Stick with and we'll guide you through this journey until you find a legal sportsbook you like.

Is Sports betting Legal in Washington?

Even though Washington authorities have been fairly clear about whether or not there is sports betting legal for Washington residents, we still get this question quite frequently. The answer is simply that Washington lawmakers do not agree with any form of online gaming. In their eyes, it is not legal for you to gamble on sports in the state but luckily they are legislative and not executive. If they were in the job of law enforcement, they would know their anti-betting laws are impossible to administer when it comes to the individual Washington resident.

If you do decide to partake in the games you could end up breaking the law. And while it is not likely that you will actually be arrested for making a wager on Seahawks games, because proving it would be a nightmare for the state, we just want you to be fully aware of what the gambling laws in Washington say before venturing out into the world of online wagering.

Legal NFL Betting

Betting on the NFL is legal for Washington residents, and that’s a good thing, as enthusiasm among Seattle Seahawks fans for the Pacific Northwest region’s only pro football franchise drives a ton of interest for wagering on sports. Fortunately, despite Washington having some of the nation’s strictest anti-gambling laws, legal NFL betting on the Seahawks is readily available thanks to licensed, regulated online sportsbooks based overseas. These legal offshore sports betting sites – and we think SportsBetting, BetOnline and 5Dimes are the best in this hotly-contested segment – are backed up by the licensure of their nation’s gaming authorities and thusly combine reliable and fast sportsbook payouts with security and legality in a way brick-and-mortar bookies can’t match.

Legal College Football Betting

The Washington Huskies and the Washington State Cougars have one of the toughest and most exciting rivalries in all of NCAA Division 1 football, and many fans of both teams are no doubt interested in the topic of legal college football betting. We are happy to report that legal offshore sports betting sites offer a 100 percent legal alternative to relying on a shady local bookie or having to take a trip to Las Vegas just to lay a bet on the Huskies or Cougars. The best offshore sportsbook sites are BetOnline, SportsBetting and 5Dimes, and you can bet they have got the best odds on college football you can find anywhere.

Legal Sports Betting Sites That Take WA Residents

Even if they are illegal, you can still find various sports betting sites that accept residents from Washington. If you decide you want to gamble on sports, you must only do so with safe locations. You are already risking enough by violating the law, you may as well not risk your money too.

These betting sites offer fair odds, easy access, a variety of funding methods, and options covering the entire expanse of sports. Just remember that we do not condone breaking the law, nor are we liable or responsible for any damages that you might incur while playing.

SportsBetting - Friendly Deposit Options; Fast Payout

SportsBetting SportsbookOne of the nicest things about is the fact that they accept bettors from Washington, whereas a site like Bovada does not. This sports betting site is a fantastic legal wagering option, and features all of the lines that a bettor in Washington will be looking for such as Mariners lines, betting on the UW Huskies, the Seattle Seahawks and many more teams situated close to / within the state.

Check out the betting odds at even without an account. You will see for yourself the array of options available to you. And it's not just about the odds themselves - it's what you can do with those betting lines when you decide to actually make a wager. There are many wager types, and not only that, the option to bet at's mobile site even if you aren't at your computer!

BetOnline - Make Sports Wagers Using iPhone, Android, Etc

BetOnline SportsbookBeing on the West Coast shouldn't limit the available betting options to sports bettors in Washington. BetOnline ensures that those in Washington looking to place a bet have plenty of time to do so, by forming lines early and often. In fact, this sports betting site is always one of the first to form betting odds for different games / sports, which makes them very reliable as well as convenient.

Another way that BetOnline caters to bettors all over the country, including Washington, is through their live betting section. No matter which game is going on and what time it is where it's being played, live betting is live betting. The game lines might come down after the game has started, but live wagering field dozens of different odds depending on which sport and the magnitude of the game being played. The odds are up all the time at BetOnline, waiting for Washington sports bettors to jump on them.

5Dimes - The Most Flexible Wagering Anywhere

5Dimes SportsbookWashington might be littered with bureaucrats, but there are also many rabid sports fans in the state. The Seahawks, the Mariners, Sounders FC…the list goes on. No matter what you sport or your team, you can be sure that you will find them on 5Dimes, the world’s best online sportsbook. This site is super simple to use, and has a reputation for greatness. Thousands of players come here every day to place their bets, and the many payout methods mean that you can receive your winnings very fast.

Among the many payout methods are the cash wire transfers. A cash wire transfer is a MoneyGram or Western Union payout that takes a very short while to arrive to you. Many players choose this method, or another popular option by way of checks. The site can send you a check in the mail, which you can then take to your local bank to turn in to cash. These are only two of the many payout methods that are available at 5Dimes. Check out the funding methods section of the site to learn much more.

Washington Legal Sports Betting Websites - 100% Safe
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Washington Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

As of now, it is a Class C Felony to make a sports wager on the Internet. Under criminal code RCW 9.46.240, Gambling information, transmitting or receiving, anyone who knowingly transmits or receives gambling information over the Internet or any similar means is violating the law. The Internet is not a safe haven for gamblers. A Class C Felony could send you to a state prison for five years, hit you with a fine of not more than $10,000, or both.

Have we scared you enough yet? We hope not because these laws are actually of no consequence to the guy or gal that wants to simply make a parlay or bet on their favorite team to win a championship. As we explained earlier, the laws relating to online betting in Washington are practically unenforceable. If you can deal with the unfriendly language in the state's statutes, you can bet sports online and be safe doing so.

Legal Online Gambling Age For Washington Residents

If you decide you want to start gambling regardless, you can actually begin at 18 if the sportsbook will allow it. If the sportsbook forces you to be 21, you have to wait until you surpass this age. Unfortunately, you are still violating a law even if you are above the age to gamble.

Land Based Gambling In Washington State

There are almost too many casinos in the state of Washington. All over the state there are dozens of different casinos and card rooms, but no sportsbooks. With such a convoluted, over saturated industry, it kind of makes sense that Internet gambling has been criminalized. Nearly all of the different casinos in the state offer a long slew of games, but the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act prohibits them from opening up a sports betting location.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In The State Of Washington

1) Has anyone been arrested for real money sports betting sites in Washington?

As far as we, know, no. No one has ever been arrested for betting on sports using the web in Washington State.

2) So I have to be 21 to gamble on sports if the betting site says so, in spite of the legal age requirement?

Yes. The business is allowed to block you or ban you if you are underage. Remember that they have licensing agencies they have to adhere to.

3) Does Bovada Allow Washington Residents To Join / Bet?

As one of the three states excluded by Bovada's terms and conditions, Washington residents will not be allowed to even register for an account at Bovada. That sucks because this is one of the best betting sites on the Net however we have personally used every book we recommend and know that they are acceptable replacements.

4) How could I theoretically get caught gambling on the Internet?

Every time you make a payment online you leave a paper trail. But since Washington has expanded restrictions on payments, many of the methods which leave this trail are not in-play. Instead, residents usually send cash transfers or purchase prepaid cards, online or in-person, that can then be used to send funds into sports betting sites that take WA residents.

5) How does the UIGEA affect Washington residents if state law has already criminalized this form of gaming?

The UIGEA has added to the complication of making payments into and out of your gambling site, but it has not actually federally criminalized this form of gambling.

6) Where can I find a copy of the gambling laws in Washington?

Visit the state's website - - and search "9.46" to find the proper laws.

7) Who should I contact in order to help change the laws?

Contact your legislators and tell them that you want online gambling in the state of Washington.

8) Is there any way to legally bet on sports in the state?

No. You cannot actually gamble on sports, live or offline. You have to visit Nevada.

9) If I am a Washington resident, can I travel across the border into a neighboring state in order to play?

In theory, yes. But is it really worth it?

10) Why has there been no arrest for gambling online in Washington if they are so strict about it?

Well, the truth is they would never be able to arrest all the people that bet on sports online.

The information that we provide here was given to us by trusted gambling portals that focus soley on listing the best legal sports betting sites. We do not guarantee the accuracy, but this should give you a good idea of most peoples thoughts.